How To Increase Height After 22 Naturally Using Diet And Exercises

For most individuals growth stops when they reach a certain limit age usually 15-18 in girls and 18-22 in boys. Then, the growth plates in long body bones have already fused. So many have wondered how to increase height after 22 and whether it is possible. The truth is that it is very possible to gain a few inches in height through a number of revolutionary height increase work outs and diet. It is not as easy and fast as gaining in height before or at puberty though. This means that you should not expect to have as many options as teenagers have when it comes to increasing their height. Do not lose hope because there are ways to boost your height in fact in a natural way.

If you are venturing into how to increase height after 22, start with improving on your diet. To grow taller, you need to avoid excess carbohydrates and fats, more so the highly saturated fats. Instead, take plenty of milk and other dairy products such as yoghurt and cheese. The secret behind fewer carbohydrates and fats but more proteins is that proteins add more to the muscle build enabling you to avoid too much weight gain. Excess weight tampers with height growth. Carbohydrates on the other hand contribute a lot in weight gain and obesity. The diet should be rich in calcium, zinc, chromium as well as magnesium. All these minerals can be obtained from a lot of vegetables. A good diet plays an important role in growth and development of the human body and it should begin with having your meals at the right time and in the right quantities.

Another aspect on how to increase your height after 22 is getting involved in a lot of exercises. To have a regular work out, you need to try out some exercises and sports that will help you strengthen your spinal cord as well as maintain the right body posture. Taking part in exercises like swimming stretching and sprinting is vital in height gain. High intensity sporting activities like basketball and stretching exercises like ‘Pilates’ triggers the secretion of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). This hormone helps in stimulating the cartilages and bones to gain in length. The exercises thicken the cartilages in the body helping you grow taller by 2-4 inches.

Some other tips on how to increase height by an inch or two after 22 are listed as follows:-

1.    Always sit up straight when working.

2.    Avoid walking on your toes. Instead, place the entire foot on the ground when walking.

3.    Sleep without supporting your head on a pillow. If you must, use a low pillow.

4.    Drink twelve glasses of water a day for weight maintenance and management.

5.    After work out, regularly go for whole body massage.

Since height has to do with the inherited genes, many people have opted to go for limb surgery to have it corrected. However this is a harmful alternative since it has numerous side effects whether long or short term. Other harmful alternatives include hormone injections and pills. That is why it is advisable to stick to the other ways of how to increase height after 22 like a good diet and exercising.


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